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Episode 3 Raw & KARMA Torrents
[PKMN] Nightmare
ghostprayer wrote in phantom_inferno
Hey guys! I'm Samantha, the mod for this community. I'm glad that you all joined and I hope we get more members in the future!

I just wanted to post links to the torrent of episode 3 (only a raw right now though) and the opening single CD "KARMA" in case any of you haven't seen them yet:

KARMA single
Episode 3 (.mkv)

I'll post again when I find a subbed version of episode 3 unless someone beats me to it.

I also have an icon post as well as at least one wallpaper I plan on posting sometime soon, so hopefully that will be something to look forward to!

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omg Karma is out!
thank you !!
I love Karma !!
I have the french subbed version of episode 3 but I can try to find the english one ^^

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