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Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom OST vol.1


Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom OST vol.2

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more here @ bubblemilk!

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amuria and neviril.

more @ problematicals

Episode 18
Anyone seen the latest episode yet? Elen has finally come to her senses and her and Reiji are finally together ^^. Yes !!

Or the whole thing could be just an act like Scythe said. And then there's Cal-who's clearly alive.

Phantom icons

under the cut Collapse )
please credit if you  use them ^_^

Episode 3 & 4 subbed!
Episode 3
Easyshare MP4 | RMVB
Torrent(mininova) MKV

Episode 4
Megaupload MKV
Torrent(nyaatorrents) MKV

I'm doing bad about keeping up, two subbed episode flew by me just like that xD;

Episode 3 Raw & KARMA Torrents
[PKMN] Nightmare
Hey guys! I'm Samantha, the mod for this community. I'm glad that you all joined and I hope we get more members in the future!

I just wanted to post links to the torrent of episode 3 (only a raw right now though) and the opening single CD "KARMA" in case any of you haven't seen them yet:

KARMA single
Episode 3 (.mkv)

I'll post again when I find a subbed version of episode 3 unless someone beats me to it.

I also have an icon post as well as at least one wallpaper I plan on posting sometime soon, so hopefully that will be something to look forward to!

Let's kick things off, yes?
I joined and there's not posts yet. Obviously, this is unacceptable. So I'll link to all the currently subbed episodes~

Episode 1
Direct Download AVI || MKV
Torrent MKV

Episode 2

Direct Download AVI || MKV
Torrent MP4 || MKV

Episode 3's out, but it's only in MP4, so I'll wait on that one.

Credit for any and all fansubs go the Desire. All direct download links are from megaupload. If it doesn't work, then I can try finding it someplace else for you~

NOW. Time to pimp this thing around.


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